Massive Team Battle is one of the events that occurs regularly on Hexana. Unlike the Quizzer event, the Massive Team Battles have no set day. They are however always held at 19:15 GMT, and once every 2-3 days. The goal is to get as many frags as possible with your team, without dying. The battle lasts until the last person on a team has left or the time is over. If no team has lost after 30 minutes the game will end and the team with the most frags will win.

Entering Edit

If the massive team battle is about to start server messages will appear to all players announcing the ability to join the battle in the following 15 minutes. To be able to join the Team Battle you have to be in a depot, otherwise you will not be teleported to the Battle Area. Only 100 people can join the Team battle, making the maximum teamsize 50. The levels are distributed as equally as possible over the teams.

The Battle Edit

The Battle is held on one of the following maps, Town, Desert and Stronghold. The maps are chosen at random.

A couple things are different in the Team Battles as in normal PvP.

  • The following spells are banned in Team Battles: Hell's Core, Rage of the Skies, Wrath of nature and Eternal Winter.
  • On death you will not lose any items, exp or blessings and you will not leave a body.
  • You can die 3 times in the Battle, before being teleported back to the depot
  • After the Battle starts your colors will temporarily change into your teams color (Red or Blue), the colors will automaticly be changed back when you will be teleported back to depot.
  • You will not be able to chance outfits or colors during the Battle.

Rewards Edit

If your team wins the Battle everybody in your team will be rewarded with 5% increased experience of for 4 days, if its a draw both teams will receive 3% increased experience.

The player that has the most frags during the event (can also be on the losing team) will receive a special medal with inscription.

Hero's Medal

For example:


Fun facts Edit

  • You can enter one of the cobra cages on the Stronghold.
  • While you cant use Hell's Core, Rage of the Skies, Wrath of nature and Eternal Winter, but you can use Avalance and Great Fireball runes, Knights can use Groundshaker and Paladins can use Divine Caldera.