Free VIP Coins Edit

Crate (Usable)

There is a small chance to get 3 free VIP coins!

First of all, You must find a Crate (usable). You see a crate.

Locations Edit

Premium areas: Yalahar (Alchemist Quarter, Cemetery Quarter, Magician Quarter, Trade Quarter and Foreigner Quarter), Beregar Mines, on the roof of Cormaya 11, 9 in Tiquanda Bandit Caves, Liberty Bay (Cult Cave) -2 floor & -4 floor (behind piano), Zao Orc Land, below Chaochai, 2 in Zalamon's cave in the western room.

Free areas: At the Witch house north of Thais (upstairs here), next to Galuna at the Paladin guild in Thais, in Thais castle (here), Thais west gate in the tower here, Greenshore (upstairs here), next to Thais Lighthouse (here), and possibly more locations.

Rewards (possible) Edit

Gold Coin
- 80 Gold Coins
Mana Potion

- Mana Potion
Rusty Legs (Common)

- Rusty Legs (Common)

- 5 Ham
Rusty Armor (Common)

- Rusty Armor (Common)
Dwarven Ring

- Dwarven Ring
Gold Coin

- 50 Gold Coins
Brown Mushroom
- 5 Brown Mushrooms
Health Potion

-Health Potion


- and there is a small chance for 3 VIP coins !


Notes Edit

You can use one crate per hour to get an item. It's also possible to get nothing at all.