There are three different fractions in Hexana, the Headhunter, the Trades and the Alchemists. You can only join one of the fractions at the same time but you can leave a fraction and start a new one if you like to. To join a fraction go to the leader of the fraction and start their missions, after you have completed all four missions he will give you, you have joined their fraction. After joining the fraction you can do daily tasks given by the leader in order to advance in rank, gaining new perks with each rank.

All fractions are equally useful in their own way.

Head Hunters Edit


  • Recruit (0 points): ability to sell trophies (e.g. cyclops trophy) for a higher price than at Grizzly Adams.
  • Solider (10 points): ability to do hard tasks.
  • Mercenary (25 points): access to Birrick Castle on Engran (4 exclusive hunting grounds).
  • Slayer (45 points): access to an exclusive cave with various fire elementals and possibility to kill a unique boss with a chance of looting rare items.
  • Death Angel (70 points): access to an exclusive cave with various fire elementals and possibility to kill Nagaroth with a chance of looting rare items.

The Head Hunters fraction is especially good for Druid as it provides them with a good hunting ground to use Eternal Winter.


Start off by walking from the Engran East and follow this route.

Once you go down talk to the guard Vithar and say

"hi, pass, yes"

Now walk trough the door north until you find Sonir Deathslash and say

"hail, join, yes"


First mission: bring Sonir Deathslash a Bright Sword, obtainable from the Bright Sword quest or by buying it from players.

Second mission: Kill Landon

Third mission: Kill 300 crystal spiders or Kill 300 warlord

The easyest is Orc Walord because he's located at huntings rooms. This seems to depends on chance.

Fourth mission: Get 5 achievements


  • Easy Tasks
  1. Bring 20 Sekeleton decorations
  2. Bring 20 Black skulls
  • Medium Task
  1. Kill 300 Nightmares
  2. Kill 200 Hero's
  • Hard Task
  1. Destory 3 Towers in Keltia Barbarian Camp, then kill Enchanted Demon to complete the task

Alchemist Edit

  • Apprentice: ability to buy: health potion, strong health potion, great health potion, mana potion for cheaper prices at NPC Nicco
  • Privy: ability to buy: great spirit potion, ultimate health potion, great mana potion, strong mana potion for cheaper prices at NPC Darius
  • Melter: ability to melt: Steel Boots, Royal Helmet
  • Chemist: ability to melt: master archer's armor, dragon scale helmet, dragon scale mail
  • Master: ability to melt two more items - from which one is unique


Start in cave north-east of heliar