Asylum CityEdit

Asylum City is the main city on the Asylum Island .

You can travel to Asylum by ship from most major cities. It is a often visited city as Rashid and Fah'Naan (blue djiin) are found here, in addition there are many player created merchants here. The whole city is Non-PvP.

Asylum city


  • 1. Ship
  • 2. Food Shop
  • 3. Depo, Bank, Post office, Rashid
  • 4. Equipment Shop
  • 5. Weapons, armors and ammo
  • 6. Magic shop
  • 7. Blue Djinn shop
  • 8. Market - you will be able to put your Merchant here
  • 9. Temple
  • 10. Captain Pedro - Passage to Olduran , Oxidia Island and Cursed Island
  • 11. Furniture shop


There are 49 houses located in Asylum City rangin from 14 sqm to 1372 sqm. House prices here usually start at 120kk.